Spring 2017 Newsletter

Progress Continues on Path to the Future

In 2016, Cascade Lake 4-H Camp began work on a path improvement project to ensure campers of all abilities can enjoy the facility. The project involves upgrading 4,253 feet of pathway that will be 4′ wide. A total 17,012 sq. ft. of stable, safe path will be constructed with a packed gravel base covered by True Grid Pavers filled with more gravel. Construction of each running foot of path will cost $9 to $10.

With the help of many generous donors and volunteers, Cascade Lake 4-H Camp has completed Phase 1 of the path improvement project. During 2016 spring and fall work weekends, friends of the camp constructed accessible paths from the parking lot to the lodge, health lodge, dock, barbeque area, ADA bathrooms, and two cabins.

We have currently raised the funds needed to complete Phase 2, which will include construction of accessible pathways to the campfire area, amphitheater, flag pole, horseshoe pits, basketball court, and corrals, as well as accessible parking at the archery and rifle ranges.

The Camp Board continues to seek donations and volunteers to complete the second and third phases of the project. These improvements will help ‘make the best, better’ for all who use the trails. Thanks for your support and happy camping trails to all!


In memory of Clara Gray from Lori Jones & Kathy Lauer.

In memory of Nita Sale from Shirley Lappens.

In memory of former Camp Board member Alma Pethtel from Dorothy Montgomery, Ray & Ronel Peterson, Dean & Amy Hayashida, Ron & Faye Russell, Janice & John Stimpson, Carol McCandles, Charlie & Carol Pintler, Marilyn Denning, Theresa & Mark Araquistain, and Kathy Lauer.

Is there a special person in your life you would like to honor with a gift to Cascade Lake 4-H Camp? It could be someone who made your camp experience possible, a special friend you met at camp, your 4-H leader or someone who has made an impact on the 4-H program. Let them know.

Please “GIVE” to Cascade Lake 4-H Camp on May 4th.

Join the Board of Cascade Lake 4-H Camp

Former 4-H campers and counselors, friends of the camp, and parents or grandparents are needed to fill vacancies on the Cascade Lake 4-H Camp Board of Directors. Share your talents and help ensure this beautiful facility is sustained for future generations of campers. Contact Kathy Lauer at 208-467-3237 for additional information.

Thank you to the clubs that donated to Path to the Future:

* NuAcres 4-H Club
* Vallivue 4-H Club
* Lucky Clovers 4-H Club
* Canyon County 4-H Council

Thank you to Pine Acres Camp, 4-H Camp Counselors, and all the other individuals who helped with Path to the Future during 2016 spring and fall work weekends.

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John and Orah Brandt Foundation
Wayne and Peggy Thiessen Fund
Simplot Transportation
Donors who gave through United Way 2016
All who supported Cascade Lake 4-H Camp this year